The tour shall depart from the historic Brazen Head Pub on Lower Bridge Street (established 1198) – the oldest and most haunted pub in Ireland.

En route, you will be entertained with tales of Dublin’s haunted history, as well as learning of modern ghost-hunting techniques.

On arrival at The Hellfire Club – we disembark the bus and walk briskly up Montpelier Hill to the abandoned hunting lodge. Make sure to bring a torch, as the walk uphill lasts about thirty minutes, and it will be dark! We will supply a number of torches, but we strongly advise that you bring your own.

At the summit, you will enter the ruined hunting lodge, and learn the horrifying history behind the building, as well as the legends associated with the place, such as the appearance of The Devil and the murders and sacrifices that took place there in the 1730’s and 1740’s.

Please note that many people find a visit to The Hellfire Club overwhelming. Some people have become nauseous and faint upon reaching the building. Others have reported being touched by unseen hands and having their jewelry pulled. If you should become too unnerved to stay in the building, please inform your guide, and you will be safely escorted outside.

Please note that any person under the influence of alcohol will be refused entry to the bus before attending the Hellfire Club. This is for your own safety. No refunds will be given in the event of this occurring. No alcohol may be brought on board the bus.

This special Halloween Haunted excursion should last approximately 3.5hours (inclusive of travel time to and from the Dublin Mountains)