THE NORTHSIDE GHOST WALK will lead you through one of the oldest parts of Dublin. It will take you off the tourist trail to show you the hidden and places of Haunted Dublinís past. Hear the story of the old hospital where ghostly nurses still roam the corridors, and long-dead children tamper with electronic toys. Learn the surprising location of the old Cistercian abbey, once the third richest in Ireland, and destroyed by Henry VIII. The spirits here donít like visitors, and entire tour groups have witnessed a sudden and inexplicable drop in temperature!

You will also learn of Dublinís famous mummies and the dublin ghosts that share their crypt, and visit H******* Street Ė the most haunted street in Dublin. Even skeptics feel that they are being watched from the abandoned factory. Those who are sensitive to ghosts assure us that Ė indeed we are!!!

Alternatively, our highly acclaimed HAUNTED HISTORY TOUR will take you to some of Dublinís most famous landmarks such as Dublin Castle and Christ Church Cathedral, where you will learn of some of the famous dublin ghosts that haunt this thousand-year-old city. You will find out about the days when The Dollocher stalked our streets, and visit the ancient church of Saint Audoen to hear the tragic tale of 18th century madam Darkey Kelly, burned to death for witchcraft on this very site! Visitors to this day report seeing a green lady in the graveyard!

We will then take you to the gates of Dublinís ĎHellí, but beware Ė we have a key!

Whichever dublin walking tour you choose, you are bound to be scared and entertained in equal measure! People have had genuine paranormal experiences on our tours, and while some people are more sensitive than others,

Remember! At Halloween, the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest, so you could be next!!!

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