Your Halloween starts here! Ireland is, of course, the historic birthplace of Halloween. The festival is said to have originated some 3000 years ago, at the Hill of Tlachtga in County Meath, just north of Dublin. Then known as Samhain, it was one of the great festivals of ancient Ireland. Fires were lit to keep the spirits of the dead at bay, for it was known that on Halloween night – October 31st – the veil between the living and the dead was at its thinnest. By wearing costumes and masks, our Celtic ancestors were able to disguise themselves, and avoid coming to harm.

So what better way to spend Halloween in Dublin, Ireland, than to go on one of our three great Ghost Tours Dublin?

Our very special HELLFIRE CLUB EXCURSION will run in the week leading up to Halloween – Sunday 31st October.

On this exclusive bus excursion, we will take you to the most notorious place in Ireland – a haunted ruin on a desolate mountainside overlooking the city of Dublin. Here, black masses were held in the Eighteenth century. The bored young bucks of Dublin society came here for their bacchanalian orgies of sex, drink and death! Fascinated by the Occult, they ritually murdered animals and humans, including their own servants, in honour of their dark lord – Lucifer!

We will take you to The Hellfire Club in our very own Dublin Ghost Bus. You will leave from the most haunted pub in Ireland, and will be entertained en route by our guide, who will tell you of some of Dublin’s most terrifying ghosts, including The Dullahan – Ireland’s infamous Headless Horseman!

Then, we journey into terror!

On arrival in the mountains, you will be taken inside the haunted shell of The Hellfire Club. Here you may be disorientated by the strange smell of brimstone or by the feeling of someone touching you with invisible hands. Beware! The Devil is said to have appeared here during a card game, and the smell suggests he may still drop by to check on the place!

You will learn the appalling history of the area – of the terrifying apparition of a huge black cat that stalks these hills to the tragic tale of the young man cruelly murdered here and buried not just in unconsecrated ground, but under a kitchen floor with a horrifying effigy of The Devil! This is no mere legend either – his body was exhumed as recently as 1971!

This excursion is only for the very brave – people on the tour have previously reported jewelry being pulled by an invisible force! It even broke the chain on one lady’s crucifix!

If you survive your ordeal, we will return you safely to Dublin, where you can recover at the most haunted pub in town, and enjoy a discount on that much-needed first drink!

If you prefer to stay in the city centre, we have not one but two blood-curdling Halloween walking tours on offer. Both will take you through Dublin’s haunted hotspots, some famous, others long-forgotten!

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